Construction felt is a natural product produced from hair that is suitable for constructional use. The properties of construction felt are determined by the quality of the raw materials, the manner of production and the hardness of the felt. Almost all Nevima construction felts are made from pure American cow hair. This is the best quality because of its strength and suitability for felting. During more than 70 years Nevima has developed felt specially for the construction industry that has the following properties:

  • the felt is not subject to ageing
  • the felt remains elastic
  • the compression strength of the felt is very high. (The tensile strength of the felt depends on the density of the product. The tensile strength can be very high when the density is high.)
  • the felt has body when using it
    The common applications of Nevima construction felts are for: distributing pressure (absorbing forces while moving through angles); sound insulation / absorption; levelling unevenness. Felt is also used in conditions where the temperature may be of influence on the construction of the building (for example, ice rinks), in metal constructions and to seal off gaps and cracks. As well as this, it is possible for further processing (Gravil) to move large objects along the construction felt at a low coefficient of friction. Specific applications are described separately in the product sheet for each type of felt.